Yanick E. Fulgueira is currently working as a real estate agent. Additionally, she owns a construction company with her husband, Leonardo Fulgueira. For the past 30 years their company, Avatar Inc. General Contractor, has been serving the diverse cities of Florida in various government and civil construction projects.  After the 2010 Haiti earthquake, they founded a consulting firm with international engineers.  During 2 years, IGC-plus (International Group Consultants) conceived over 40 reconstruction projects for the Haitian Diaspora of Florida.

Fulgueira received a BA in Communications with a minor in tourism marketing from Florida International University. She specializes mostly in community relations and business development.  Previously, she worked as a commercial financial broker, and as a public relations and marketing director for several PR/Advertising agencies in Florida and for the PR agency of Haiti in Miami.  Fulgueira was born in New York of Haitian parents.


Yanick Filgueira, Marketing Director