Putting Haiti in the path of Economic Development

Haiti economy if there is one, is in total limbo. The last report shows a contraction by -4%.  The only reason the country is staying afloat is because of the $ 2.7 billion/ year she received in form of remittances by the Diaspora.  Far for helping the economy this money is primarily helps for the basic commodities that this country is forced to pay for.  Because the country imports almost everything, her trade deficit with her partners explained the contraction of the economy and the pressure on the national money the gourdes (HTG) to be devaluated every so often.


Providing inexpensive electricity will welcome a lot of opportunities for jobs creation and economic growth for Haiti. Because most of basic industry infrastructures depend on reliable and sustainable electricity generation, the private sector will be able to engage in venture capitalistic projects creation more jobs, help close the exportation deficit gap, stabilizing the HTG.  Similarly, because the GOH absorbs about 70% of the workforce, the central government should be able to increase revenues and engage in comprehensive programs capable of attracting private capital investments.  Our projection shows a growth of 10%/year of the economy with the electrification of the country alone. No longer, will Haitians will have to brave the Atlantic or shoring up within the borders walls of any country seeking employment.