Inexpensive and reliable electricity is a requirement for a country to develop.  Haiti's national electricity networks possesses neither of these qualities.  In addition to having one of the most expensive electricity in the world, Haiti’s national network is one of the most unreliable.  Less than 25% of Haitian households are connected to the electricity system.  Those that are connected are supplied with less than 10 hours of electricity per day.  Of greater importance is the fact that the Government of Haiti subsidizes electricity to the tune of $200 million a year making electricity the source of the largest public sector debt.

Group Citadelle has entered into discussions with a number of regions of Haiti to supply safe, inexpensive, and reliable electricity.  As part of a Public-Private Partnership (PPP), GC will supply the electricity to those regions for eventual sale to residential and commercial customers.  Those regions will assure that business customers obtain electricity at a rate to ensure job creation and regional economic development.  With the management team possessing expertise in both transmission and distribution of electricity in addition to generation, GC will play an advisory role to the various regions for the construction of a robust and efficient grid.