Jacques P. Bingue’s company, Innovative Energy Solution (IES), has performed technology development services for the Department of Energy, the US Army, Air Force, and major oil companies. After a four-year stint as a research engineer, he founded IES to develop cutting edge waste-to-energy technologies.  IES has obtained two patents to protect their processes for converting extremely toxic wastes into ultra-clean energy. He is the AHEAD’s chapter coordinator for the Lower Midwest (LM) region.  The LM chapter comprises of Alabama, Arkansas, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas. 

He served in the US Marine Corps where he earned a Combat Action Ribbon for participating in Desert Storm/Desert Shield.  Upon honorably discharged, he attended the University of Illinois at Chicago and earned a doctorate in mechanical engineering.

Bingue was born in the Léogane region, 25 miles south of the capital Port-au-Prince.  He immigrated to the US at 13 years old. 


Dr. Jacques Bingue, PhD

Chief Technical Officer