Food Security

With a population of 11 million people and growing, Haiti produces only enough food about 30% of her population through rudimentary agricultural methods.  Most of the consumed food in the country is rather being imported from the US and now in large quantity from the Dominican Republic.  Because of the rapid devaluation of the Gourde, Haiti’s national currency, many commercial trade transactions are required to be done in US dollar which cause a high pressure on that depreciates buying power of the average Haitian citizen.  Even when certain products are cultivated in large quantity, it is very difficult to reach the common market due to lack or the non-existence of infrastructure favoring the distribution of such commodities. Furthermore, commodities such as rice and flour which the population consumes a lot are alternately not produced nearly enough and not cultivated at all in the country.

The availability of a reliable system of electricity will allow the erection of basic industries to respond to the common needs of the country.  Many perishables products will be therefore be conserved and exported bringing additional cash to local market and planters.