Dr. Jean Max Hervé Augustin is Board Certified in Family Practice. He went to medical school at the Universidad Nordeste de Tampico, Mexico and finished his last year at the New York Medical College in New York. He pursued his residency at the Catholic Medical Center. Dr. Augustin joined the hospital faculty at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, then at Fort  Knox, Kentucky, and later on at McGill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida where he delivered continuing and comprehensive health care for soldiers and their dependents. Subsequently, he moved to Gainesville, Florida in 2005 where he opened his own practice with an associate, Dr. Witchner Bélizaire.
His clinic, “All in One Medical Associates” benefits from his 20 years of practice in his diverse clinical interests in all aspects of family practice and others as ER medicine, critical care medicine, out- and in-patient care, and his strong background as a hospitalist.
His dream is to participate in the redevelopment of his beloved native country Haiti. He was born in Port-au-Prince, but his love lies for Cap Haitian where he lived during his formative years. His entrepreneur spirit has gotten him involved in tourism and agricultural related projects in Haiti. 


Dr. Jean Max Herve Augustin, MD/ Director