Daniel Eugene holds a bachelor of Sciences degree in Ocean Engineering  BOE and a BSN.  He is currently an employee of JHS  for  approximately  ten years and a very active  contract bargaining member in the 1911 SEIU union branch, advocating for fellow coworkers rights.His past work included and not limited to compile all the research. studies or projects done on the Florida Everglades national park.  This grant study was to eventually build a national database to avoid duplicate research and furthermore fostering data sharing in between the scientists. He also participated in the study of the Atlantic Ocean salinity, and temperature for better understanding of hurricane formation, oxygen level  correlation in sea life population and the food chains  supply.    He is a skilled community organizer working for the betterment of the Haitian American community pushing for economic development growth and political influence in the American system.  He is the founder of the HALEC (Haitian American Leadership & Empowerment Consortium and host a weekly radio show promoting civic engagement and participation in the Haitian American Community.


Danniel Eugene, Vice-Chairman