The average Haitian family, living on approximately $2 a day, spends almost a quarter of their income on charcoal. In addition to the economic hardship caused by high charcoal prices, the mountainous country is almost entirely deforested. This environmental damage has subjected the country to extreme erosion of the soil and even mudslides.

At the present time, Group Citadelle (GC) has initiated discussions with two communities to build an ultra-efficient alternative briquette plant. To be built with high quality American-made components; this plant will manufacture safe and inexpensive briquettes to supply most urban residents with a superior yet inexpensive alternative to charcoal. Using a combination of agricultural biomass and imported fuels, the plant will create jobs for local residents as well as farmers. GC’s management will create a new distribution system to further reduce cost where the briquettes will cost almost half of wood-based charcoal.

GC hopes to work with the Federation de la Diaspora Haitienne (FDH), micro-finance organizations, and the Government of Haiti to provide low-interest loans to individuals engaged in the fabrication of charcoals. In addition, the partnership hopes to also provide loans to farmers in the vicinity of the plant to provide a steady supply of biomass.

Group Citadelle will adopt a good neighbor policy that helps with the economic development