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Energy and water are some the greatest constraints on Haiti’s economic development.  While water is plentiful in Haiti and can easily be harnessed, energy is not.  Over the last twenty years; a number of entities, including the Government of Haiti, have initiated projects to harness Haiti’s renewable energy potentials for both electricity and cooking fuels.  Unfortunately, those projects have not materialized due to high costs and lack of infrastructure.  As a result, Haiti continues to suffer from high energy costs and extreme environmental degradation.

Group Citadelle has initiated discussions with a few communities in Haiti for locating the companies first few on-demand electricity plants to help Haiti solve its charcoal (cooking fuel) and electricity problems.  With total economic development as the general focus of those discussions, the first projects will comprise of an alternative briquette manufacturing plant and on-demand electricity power plants.  Those communities will benefit from:

  1. Safe, inexpensive, and reliable electricity.
  2. Creation of high wage jobs.
  3. Reversal of the damages caused by deforestation.
  4. Help with economic development

In all, GC and its partners will invest over $4 billion within the next four years to render those communities high performance economic zones.  Reliable electricity is expected to attract investments for further boosting those local economies.

Our Mission

Classified as the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere, Haiti has more people per Capita without electricity in the Caribbean: 9/11 million of the general population. It is therefore a priority for Haiti’s elected government to meet up to the challenge having and implementing a feasible energy policy as many have failed in the past to.  This is therefore, where Group Citadelle finds her inspiration to help solve this problem by clearly defining her mission as stated below:

• Inexpensive & Reliable Electricity access to most
• Jobs Creation to stimulate the economy
• Promoting peripheral investment that comes with stable electricity
• Reducing poverty and Help stabilizing famine
• Progressive environmental policy focusing on:
1. Releasing the pressure to cut down trees indiscriminately
2. Reforestation fund establishment
3. Flood management program to save livestock and assets while fighting soil erosion
• Building related infrastructure promoting national and international commerce flow
• Increasing level of exportation
• Promoting Economic growth
• Local production increase supporting briquettes production
• Participating in local charity events and promotion

Inexpensive, Stable & Reliable

Our services

Building a Charcoal Plant

Substitute for traditional the wood-based charcoal which is a contributing factor to environmentaltal disaster

Building a Modern Electricity Power Plant

Reducing by 2/3 the cost of KW/hr, making reliable electricity accessible & affordable to all for the first time.

New Transmission Lines

Replacing the Antiquated transmission lines by coupling the grids with robust components eliminating the chronic excess power loss generation of the current system

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